Combining the advancement in power + data integration with a unified open architecture platform, VEEDIMS IoT makes connecting “things” easy so they can be monitored, controlled and managed.

VEEDIMS IoT has proprietary and patented technologies (38 patents issued and pending) relating to the seamless integration of power and data within a single operating platform. VEEDIMS IoT supports manufacturers, integrators and developers with the tools they need to build “smart” assets with advanced IoT applications.

VEEDIMS IoT began with the vision of one man and one machine, an Iconic Roadster to be precise. Designed and built with a passion to reform old ways of wiring and managing power and data, a revolutionary integrated wiring harness with IoT electronic architecture was invented by Claudio Ballard and his team of automotive and electronic experts. This was the beginning of ONE single power + data Ethernet cable that would allow for a host of application-specific solutions to be remotely monitored, controlled and managed.

Today, VEEDIMS IoT is a solid company with a strong leadership team of Fortune 500 Executives from General Dynamics, BMW, Siemens, and OSIsoft who are partnering with businesses all over the world to help them drive down engineering, implementation, maintenance and operating costs.

VEEDIMS IoT is a customer-driven company, providing fully integrated IoT solutions for businesses that need to optimize, innovate, reduce costs and deliver new services.

VEEDIMS IoT technology fully supports encrypted communications between remote systems and/or devices, centralized enterprise level control and management systems while also delivering the electric power necessary to operate such remote systems and/or devices. Our platforms are designed with real-time data capture, cloud storage, and analytic abilities for advanced predictive and preventative maintenance.

We offer a unique, patented delivery system of power + data through a single cable. OEMs and ODMs realize the value of VEEDIMS IoT and the extensive reduction in wiring and cabling by 80%. Less cost on materials, increased space for other needs, less the overall weight of the asset are just some of the advantages of VEEDIMS IoT.

Our technology not only saves our customers time and money – Our technology is also saving our earth’s natural resources, and that is something we are very proud of!


SMART Power and Data Distribution Hub

Vstar is a “smart” power and data distribution hub that continuously monitors, controls and manages the operating information of ALL electrical and electronic devices connected to VEEDIMS.



High-Speed “T-Connector”

Vjack is the “T-Connection” that provides access to both LANs in the VEEDIMS Cable (the backbone of VEEDIMS). It has data signal repeater functionality and taps off the power bus to provide power to attached VEEDIMS system components.



The Vcable delivers power + data in ONE “smart” daisy-chainable cable to support VEEDIMS. It’s patented design makes for fast installation and easy integration – saving time and money with less wire and cable runs, fewer connections and fewer failure points.



Industrial Wireless Router

Vlink helps to improve productivity, reduce costs and enhance the intelligence of your network and business operations. With instant network connectivity, the Vlink increases network availability by supporting both wireless and wired internet connections. Built rugged to withstand shock and vibration.



Seamless Data Collection and Storage

Built upon the embedded historian technology developed by OSIsoft, the Vhistorian collects real-time data from VEEDIMS IoT (Virtual Electrical and Electronic Device Interface Management System Internet of Things) devices and stores the data for easy access, visualization and trend analysis.

V historian


Computer Displays

Touch-screen technology, clean design with no physical buttons, optical bonding and integrated display and computer are key features of Vdisplays that come in a variety of sizes (from 8 to 26 inches).



Comfortable and Intuitive Programming System

Vcore is an IEC61131 programming system for automation projects. A central tool in the development of applications, Vcore is used in different industrial sectors and supports distributed systems with multiple controls within one project.



Bridging the Gap for Fast Deployment

Vdesigner is your one solution for rapid prototyping and development of rich animated UIs. Vdesigner bridges the gap between user interface (UI) designers and embedded system engineers through a combined graphical development environment and VEEDIMS Engine, an optimized runtime component.



A VEEDIMS Diagnostic Tool

Vexplorer is a Windows based program used to monitor, control and debug VEEDIMS devices. Users can monitor live device data, create different graphic representations and modify for diagnostic purposes.



A cloud environment that works – right from the start

The Vcloud provides a scalable, reliable, high-performing cloud environment that gives you the right combination of compute, network, storage, and traffic management.



A VEEDIMS Security System

Vsecurity provides state-of-the-art wireless security, monitoring, satellite tracking, and surveillance of assets. Our system helps protect against theft, fire, smoke, high water levels, such as bilge pumps, low voltage, loss of shore power and intrusion with contact sensors, and motion detectors.

V security




Faster, better, smarter is what more and more boat builders seek to achieve, and they know the only way to do this is with advanced hardware, software and IoT technologies.


VEEDIMS has been helping manufacturers improve efficiency, add functionality to their electronic systems, minimize system weight, and reduce installation costs by simplifying complex wiring systems with a ONE power + data cabling, “smart” hardware, and sophisticated software, thereby drastically reducing weight and costs (labor, material, and maintenance), allowing reduced failure rates and greater efficiencies across the board.


VEEDIMS offers cost savings benefits:

True glass cockpit controlling all aspects of the boat.

Elimination of all physical switches.

Elimination of manual circuit breakers, fuses and relays, providing a more reliable and fault tolerant system (66% reduction in connections contributes to less points of failure and corrosion).

Elimination of complex wiring harnesses.

Reduction of physical wiring leading to reduced weight.

Plug & Run ™ technology allowing for instant change and reconfiguration of components.

Ability to monitor all electrical, mechanical components plus the engines.

Vhistorian (Black Box) collecting thousands of data points of past and present operational information, providing a historical view of the boat for sophisticated analysis of usage contributing to higher resale values.

Remote IPad monitoring and control of the boat.

The first social network joining the builder, dealer and boat owner delivering a customized, interactive application for better customer support, lower operational costs and loyal boat owners.


A building controlled by a Building Automation System (BAS) is already an intelligent, or “smart” building using a compliant network of passive devices for diverse purposes that support human health, safety and creature comforts.

VEEDIMS takes it to a whole new level by creating dynamic interaction of all system components and processes, such as HVAC, lighting, blinds, alarm, and security systems to achieve significantly more cost and energy savings.


Integrated Neural Networks are the wave of the future and air framers like Airbus and Boeing are now comparing their cabin electrical systems to the human brain, with a network of intelligence pulsating through the cabin.

With their focus on making kilometers of cables and wiring a thing of the past, VEEDIMS is delivering solutions that support their goals, making the cabin “smart” to perform numerous functions, thus “connecting” passengers to the plane.


By some estimates, the automotive electronics market is expected to top $77 billion by 2020 with cars becoming just another machine connected to the Internet. That’s good news for VEEDIMS, considering how far we have come toward achieving this with our unique, Intellectual Property protected intelligence that combines wired and wireless technologies with sophisticated software capabilities.

Our focus on sustainability is also in line with what has become important to the automotive industry. VEEDIMS transforms a vehicle’s traditional wiring and hydraulic system into a single power and information platform. This eliminates traditional relays, switches, wires and cables, plus makes everything connected VEEDIMSmart.




Replaces separate data and power supply distribution grids of conventional systems with specialized modular components, “hybrid” cables and connectors that transmit both data + power in a seamless, integrated manner.


Increases component operational life and availability and allows for preemptive corrective actions with equipment and/or process downtime. Lowers costs for parts and labor.


Instead of networking various system components in a heterogeneous multivendor environment, VEEDIMS offers a distributed open architecture for effective system management tools that encompass not only network management, but also application management functionality for an unbeatable total management system solution.


Document and track instrumentation and electrical equipment data for better response to specific issues, proactively extend equipment life and prevent breakdowns by closely monitoring device diagnostics.


Easily collect, store, display, and track local performance data operating data from all connected devices and view locally, on dashboard displays or remotely, on personal devices.


Get ahead of the competition with VEEDIMS integrated set of sophisticated API/SDK tools with auto-configuration and auto-detection to quickly develop faster, scalable, secure applications that support today’s needs and adapt to future trends.


From installation to system setup, VEEDIMS improves time and material needs with robust tools, daisy-chain configurations to connect system components and intuitive graphics for fast control.



Create dynamic interaction of all system components and processes, such as HVAC, lighting, blinds, alarm, and security systems to achieve significantly more cost and energy savings.


Simplified wiring and elimination of traditional relays, switches and wires means less weight on the asset, more space and greater reliability – 80% less cable and 70% fewer connections.


    Managing the complexities associated with implementing for the Internet of Things is not easy. All devices must work together and be integrated with all other devices, and all devices must communicate and interact seamlessly with connected systems and infrastructures. In fact, developing solutions with connectivity for each piece in the system can be quite expensive, time consuming, and difficult.

    To compete successfully in the Internet of Things market, you need ONE easily installable platform that can:

  • Collect and manage data safely and securely
  • Integrate and automate connected devices and assets to an application with real-time data capabilities
  • More efficient wired and wireless communications
  • Advanced hardware capabilities and connectivity

Only VEEDIMS offers ONE complete, solution for harnessing data to drive smarter solutions, cutting edge services, and lower installation and labor costs.



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