Locate, monitor and diagnose your vehicle from anywhere

Utilizing the VEEDIMS IoT platform, our engineers were able to develop a simple, efficient, and inexpensive way to offer a connected automobile solution for auto dealerships to provide to its customers.  Dealerships can enhance the customer experience through a  IoT solution that allows dealers and fleet owners to capture unprecedented levels of real time data in their very own cloud.  This capture of data gives the dealer the ability to perform predictive analytics and diagnostics while staying in touch with each and every car that drives off its lot increasing the ability to let the customer know if something is wrong, going to go wrong, when a service is due, or if there is a special incentive.

Other features include:

For the Dealership:

  • Ability to private label mobile application for any dealership
  • Can monitor and manage its whole fleet in its own cloud (non GPS)
  • Get notifications when there are issues with a car in order to be proactive with customers
  • Be able to send push notifications to all its customers and alert them of issues, promotions, specials, etc.

For the Consumer:

  • Get a mobile app which has a rich feature set and information about your own car
  • Get all the info about the GPS from your car
  • See all diagnostic information about car
  • Find out when something will break before it does (Predictive Maintenance)
  • Share your location and other social features
  • Get a summary of your trips and fuel costs