VEEDIMS Difference

There are a number of differentiating factors that make VEEDIMS a truly unique IoT platform.

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Combines the monitoring of disparate systems to one location
  • Powerful logic controller - capable of complicated algorithms
  • Daisy-chain boxes for easy expansion
  • Distributed I/O logic
  • Built in notification platform
  • Fully configurable screens (icons, buttons, colors)
  • Reduced labor & installation
  • Provides weight and space reduction
  • Simplified design and engineering
  • Industrial grade IoT solution
  • One platform for control-data-cloud-app
  • Wired and wireless control of power
  • Wired and wireless collection of data
  • 900+ communication protocols
  • Secure Cloud
  • Seamless integration to best-of-breed wired or wireless sensors
  • Developer Community to innovate your own IoT solutions
  • Scan, auto detect, and self aware
  • Trend data platform for look back in time and analytics

There are no other IoT platforms that offer a complete “end-to-end” system with solid, industrial-strength hardware, software, cloud, UIs, built-in applications and a Developer Platform that will allow others to fast track their own IoT solution - right out of the box.